MQ - KITTY LIVE Millionaire Quiz

MQ - KITTY LIVE Millionaire Quiz

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MQ also Millionaire Quiz is a latest and hot feature of Kitty Live. Answer 12 questions to win 10 million.
MQ takes the form of a live game show, will play two - three times every day. The host of the show asks a series of twelve multiple choice questions, each with three possible answers. Those players who get the question correct within the 10 second limit move on, the rest are eliminated. The players that correctly answer the final question split the prize money.
When the game show starts, all players must enter the live room and start to answer the a serious of 12 quiz in 10 seconds for each.
If there is any mistake, player will be eliminated. But player can use Revive Chance to continue.
Invite Your Friends To Get Revive Chance
The most interesting part of this online game show is to play with your family, friends together.
Share and invite new players, both parties can get 1 Revive Chance!

Kitty Live is one of the most popular live streaming apps for broadcasting and watching live shows, #1 live broadcasting app in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Thai superstar, Mai Davika joins Kitty Live and leads a number of internet celebrities invites you to join them! Open Kitty Live, follow Mai Davika and you wonot miss her next fantastic broadcasting.

Broadcast your amazing moments into free live streaming, enjoy your broadcasting show and make new friends around the world. Get followers and earn virtual gifts which can be cashed out into real money.

Kitty Live Features:

▷ Free live streaming
1 touch to start your live broadcasting show, you can broadcast your talent skills, sing, dance, cook or even chat with followers.

▷Kitty Run
"Ah~Oh~Woo", creative voice controlled game "Kitty Run" is coming! The world's first real-time live interactive + voice controlled game!
You can open the live, screaming and shouting as you like, enjoy creativity and fun of the live game with your fans.
Play: click on this page and go to Play Guide in the H5 page
- Making sound to control little "Kitty" and cross obstacles.
- The greater your sound is, the higher Kitty will jump.
- Collect gifts from your fans while kitty is running, there will be extra bonuses!
- Creative play: singing, screaming, laughing, whispering, and even moaning ... Come and experience more creative ways!
- Endless adventure and exciting global ranking. Come and get top ranking!
- Record your wonderful moments, share your interesting screaming, invite your friends and challenge together!

▷ Interact with followers
Get followers join and send hearts to your live stream, the more hearts they send, the closer you are to be next super star.

▷ Watch free live shows
Live streams are categorizes on the basis of country, watch live shows easily with the help of using tags. Watch live shows such as talent skills show, sexy dance show, hot girl show and many more.

▷ Meet new people
Find broadcasting of interesting VJs on Kitty Live, follow them and meet new people around the whole world who share your interests.

▷ Virtual gifts
There are different kinds of virtual gifts including rose, ring, angel, super car, luxury cruise, dream castle, and lots more to release soon. You can raise your level quickly by sending virtual gifts to your favorite VJ.

▷ Earn free coins
Buy and send virtual gifts to your favorite broadcasters. Invite your friends to earn free coins and have more benefits.

▷ Sticker
Get ready to all the cute, pretty, hilarious live for a heart pounding fun to let you express yourself as you like.

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